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Being distinctive – this idea has always been the ground for the development of famous people and upper class. That is why even with the change of times privileged people tried to stand out from others with the help of expensive attributes. By wearing chinchilla fur products women emphasized their beauty and attraction, uniqueness and exquisite taste.

On the South America Continent inChile,Peru,Boliviathere was its own luxury product which conquered hearts of people who proudly wore coats made from unique chinchilla fur. Conquerors ofSouth America– Spanish people – brought the King the first fur coats as a trophy which from that time quickly swept European noblemen and demanding ladies off their feet.



No doubt that people value things which are rarely found in nature and differ in their uniqueness. Indeed, at all times fur has been and still is in the same position as precious metals and also has served and still serves as a monetary unit around the world.  Chinchilla fur products have been and are the ones to be compared to gold, which, first of all, is caused by the price of such a fur coat that might reach 100 000 $. The demand for fur products has always been high, so new customers for the precious fur appear. It is no big secret that the amount of millionaires and billionaires is constantly growing. And a lot of rich ladies choose clothes made of precious fur as an irreplaceable attribute in their wardrobe. For example, those who watched Martin Scorsese’s film “Casino” could not help paying attention to the elegant chinchilla fur coat and various jewelries as the symbol of the most valuable present.


Shot from “Casino”


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