Producing – Selling – Earning

Before starting a profitable and interesting business, no matter if it is a fur product or any other widely used product, a smart person is primarily looking for and getting acquainted with certain information in hopes of finding all the answers to the questions he/she has got:

  1. “Why should I start this business?”
  2. “Is it worth running the business?”
  3. “Will there be a demand for the product?”

         We are convinced that fur production is suitable for both a pensioner and a pupil. Chinchillas can be successfully bred on farms or in small rooms, and there was, is and will always be a demand for high-quality natural fur while the costs for chinchilla keeping are not as high as compared to a mink or a rabbit since chinchillas are herbivores.

         As the example we investigated data of Copenhagen Fur Center auction from 2000 till 2012 and here are the results we got and the conclusions we came to. As far as you can see the average price of a chinchilla skin on auction has been about 60 – 65$ during 12 years while the profitability has been about 23 – 27$ depending on production base and equipment. Approximately 20000 chinchilla skins are produced by Danish chinchilla breeders and 30000 are delivered to Copenhagen Fur Center by foreign suppliers; the amount of chinchilla skins delivered from Ukrainian breeders is a drop in the ocean – it is rather strange to hear such facts, isn't it? In fact, Ukraine and CIS countries are among the biggest customers of ready-made fur products.

         Let us come to a brief conclusion:

  1. 1.                 Chinchilla breeding is easy.
  2. 2.                 Chinchilla is herbivore, so the feeds are cheap.
  3. 3.                 The fur is expensive – the price is stable.
  4. 4.                 There was, is and will be a demand for fur.

         Taking into consideration the experience, our company understands requirements and all points of creating stock breeding projects. We develop together with you and make new products and innovations, improving quality and saving time and money at the same time.

         We are ready to answer all your questions, which can also be answered on studying the information from our site or after calling us. And this phone call may be the first step to our mutually beneficial partnership.

         Sincerely Yours, ТМ Chinchilla Real